Official Statement No. 1

Technically speaking, mole "men" is a misnomer. It excludes mole women, mole children, mole replicants, mole mutants, sub-moles, supramoles, ultramoles, highly gifted moles, and the fullest range of non-binary genders and  of molish creatures who inhabit (but may or may not subscribe) to the various categories of humanoid mole creatures.

Also: according to automatically generated polls, most mole men generally do not wish to be associated with humans or broad spectrum human ripple categories.

Double also: mole men do not usually object to or emulate human or above-ground patterns of behavior or standard practices.

Mole men do not generally object to anything. 

We employ them, and they, in turn, do stuff for us.

We pay all of our mole men fair and just wages. 

If they want to be called molemin, that's fine with us. But we spell it our way because that's what all of our promotional materials say.  

Anyway, in the midst of this statement, our subterranean monitoring team detected numerous mysterious tremors beneath the planet subsurface that seemed more important than completing this official  statement. 

Therefore, mole men. Because we say so.

- MGMC senior amorphous executive team 



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