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Dolphin Fingers. Lyrics

Vitamin C. Vitamin D. Magnesium. Lyrics to Dolphin Fingers. 


Mole Men

Mole men

They got a secret tunnel system

and they will use it to steal your beer

Mole men!

They got a satellite network

And hypnotic lasers to steal your beer

They got plans

And they got secret codes

And building diagrams

They used advanced technology

And unmarked vans

They move in stealthy ways 

and geometric shapes

It's psychological

Just when you think your beer is safe 

They took it all away 

It's diabolical

Mole men

They've got distracting jazz hands!

And tubular strobe lights 

To jack your beer


Mole men

They got cloaking devices

And giant vacuums 

to bag your beer


They've got schools

They're trained to keep cool

They're relentless and focused

With infra red eyes 

And masters of disguise

And smoke bomb hocus pocus

Mople men

You've got to watch out

Or they will drain your supply down the inter-dimensional downspout

Mole Men

They got coastal warehouses

They own half of new jersey

Mole MEn

They;'re silent as mouses

While you're sleeping they are busy

Mole men want to steal your beer.



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