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The Master Plan

Music with positive and growthy effects for nervous systems. Stream Dolphin Fingers online at Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.  

The inside flows to the outside!

The outside goes back outside! 

They're kind of both combined! 

According to the Master Plan!

The inside mingles with the outside! 

The outside trickles down the inside!

Sometimes they can't decide

It's all part of the Master Plan

Outside Inside! 

Flow into each other!

Outside Inside!

Sister and Brother!

Sometimes both sides are on the same side! 

According to the Master Plan!

The Outside mirrors the inside! 

The Inside reverberates the inside!

They're both intertwined

According to the Master Plan!

The Inside listens to the Outside!

The outside glistens on the inside!

They're mutually obliged! 

According to the Master Plan!

Outside! Inside!

Go from one another!

Inside! Outside!

Neighbor and Neighbor! 

Sometimes both side are on the same side!

According to the Master Plan

Image by Mathew Schwartz
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