Dolphin Fingers


Dolphin Fingers publicly releases song "New Kind of Fruit Bat" on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer

Saint Paul, Minn.


This message is a clone from the message sent out on 3-11-21. Information is easy to clone, and insights are hard to reproduce. 

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Dolphin Fingers privately releases song "New Kind of Fruit Bat" in two mind-altering mixes

Saint Paul, Minn.


Dolphin fingers just released two versions of the new song "A New Kind of Fruit Bat". This song is inspired by Dr. Aldous Benson's search for rare and exotic animal species in the Ock Ock Mountains.


"We wanted to pay homage to MassGlobalMegaCorp's beloved and intelligent co-founder, Dr. Benson," Dolphin Fingers representative siad in a prepared statement that was mostly written by Dr. Benson's personal assistant. "His travels continue to seek and find new species of animals that we should just leave alone."

Dolphin Fingers say that the songs contain mind-altering technologies that affect the nervous system in ways that have not been proven or studied very closely, but that all experts employed by MGMC agree are safe for public consumption.

Play A New Kind of Fruit Bat (whispering mango mix)

Play A New Kind of Fruit Bat (swirly rainbow mix)


Dolphin Fingers is preparing to launch

"A New Kind of Fruit Bat"

Mixes are supposedly an experiment in new form of mind-altering music 

Saint Paul, Minn.


Dolphin Fingers has received authorization from MassGlobalMegaCorp's deciders to release A New Kind of Fruit Bat. Until the actual release takes place, the upper management want Dolphin Fingers to plug their existing releases that are available on iTunes and Spotify again. If Dolphin Fingers songs are streamed a certain number of times, the members of Dolphin Fingers will receive a signed certificate of recognition from MassGlobalMegaCorp's supreme ultimate co-commanders or one of their assistants. These certificates are printed on high quality paper.