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Tea that has been through fermentation processes that give it probiotic properties and other unique health benefits.

Series #1

Batch 89. 7.05.2021
Batch 90. 7.12.2021
Batch 91. 8.05.2021


Lemon Ginger.

Kombucha made from white tea infused with fresh ginger and accented with lemon juice.

Contains two different batches of kombucha.

Light carbonation.


Series #2

Cherry Lemon Lime Ginger.

Batch 12. 12.05.2020
Batch 13. 12.19.2020
Batch 14. 01.12.2021


Kombucha made from black tea infused with unsweetened tart cherry juice and accented with the spirited juices of lemon, lime, and ginger. 

Contains two different batches of kombucha.

Very light carbonation.