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Dolphin Fingers Releases "Music for Watering Plants"

Gabrielle Jergens

Dolphin Fingers has released more sound content.

The album comes packaged in a six pack of tracks that at least three of which can be challenging to listen to.

Karma Buoy sounds like a volley of artillery being sent back and forth between two warring factions.

Multiple Overlapping Crises sounds like the Biden Administration responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the post-January 6 insurrection, monkey pox, and the Russia's unprovoked and genocidal invasion of Ukraine all rolled into one extended and pulsating guitar solo.

Crack in the Petri Dish sounds like what happens when things you don't want getting out of a laboratory find a way out.

There are a few more tracks, but I'll let you discover them if you like and figure out what they sound like for you. Why am I trying to influence your own original experience with my interpretations? I sometimes feel like I am a little tyrant and that my desire to influence comes from wanting more people to think and experience life exactly the way I do.

We sent several queries to the artist, but we did not receive a reply from Dolphin Fingers or its corporate master, MassGlobalMegaCorp.

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