Urban Earth Flower and Garden Cooperative

Announcement about membership drive (news release)

Urban Earth (tri-fold brochure)

I wrote this news release and brochure when I was a board member for a local flower and garden cooperative.


Department of Agriculture

Major Insect Order (poster)

This is a poster I advocated into being. I am responsible for the images and the concept, the overall graphic design was executed by MDA's graphic designer. This poster is the only grouping of the major insect orders organized by alphabetical order. Most descriptions of insect orders are organized phylogenetically, which means very little for everyday people. I include this as an example of Plain Language before I knew what it was. 


Department of Agriculture

Sparking the Biological Imagination (presentation)

I gave a presentation for the American Horticulture Society's National Children and Youth Garden Symposium. My goal was to encourage environmental educators who work in the garden space to inspire youth audiences to think holistically about plant, insect, and human interactions. 


Department of Agriculture

The Life Cycle of the Emerald Ash Borer (YouTube video)

When officials detected Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in Minnesota, the incident command response team received federal funding to start a public information campaign. My role as coordinator for the outreach effort was to create and distribute content such as brochures, flyers, information cards, billboards, and television spots. The TV spot was the most complex and interesting. I wrote the original script and networked directly with faculty members at two technical schools to produce it. The video aired on television in May 2010.


Department of Natural Resources

Hydrogeologic plates (large format document) - DNR website

These atlases are large-format "plates" that hydrogeologists and other groundwater professionals use to describe characteristics of surfaces, underground materials, and chemical aspects of groundwater. I created them using Adobe Illustrator. 


  • Plate 6 - Hydrogeology of the Surficial Sand Aquifer

  • Plate 7  - Hydrogeologic Cross Sections

  • Plate 8 - Hydrogeology of the Buried Aquifers and the Rice Area Aquifer System

  • Plate 9 - Sensitivity of Groundwater Systems to Pollution


Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Groundwater Level Monitoring Network: Guidance Document (report)

This 96-page guidance document was my introduction to the long form report using Adobe InDesign.


Minnesota Management and Budget

SEGIP - website

I served as the project and technical lead for MMB's web publications. The following are examples of the SEGIP website updates that I worked directly with SEGIP teams to improve the navigation and/or the layout of text and/or graphic information on the page.



Press release

Album cover for Dr. Aldous Benson's podcasts

Social media image for Aldous Benson's poetry book

MassGlobalMegaCorp is my "dream corporation" that serves as an online playground for my creative projects and as a pressure release valve for my imagination. Over the years, MGMC has provided part-time income for me as a DBA alias through my registered LLC, Green Noise.


Hobbit and Owl - Five Love Practices

Ninja Warrior Training (It Might Look Like Yoga But It's Not)

MassGlobalMegaCorp teamed up with master yoga teacher Teri Leigh to create a fun online course called Ninja Warrior Training that "tricks" reluctant yogis into starting a yoga practice. Hobbit and Owl is a project intended for couples who are finding their way back into loving relationship after divorce. 


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