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Rep. Nunes received materials from a Russian agent and doesn't want to talk about them.

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

In a House meeting, Rep. Devin Nunes did not want to discuss a package he received from a known Russian agent who was designated by U.S. Treasury for malign influence campaigns and protecting our upcoming elections from foreign interference.

The following Megabit is from a July 29, 2020 report from a meeting of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence:

"Is there any further business before the committee?


Mr. Maloney. Mr. Chairman, there have been public reports that the

minority has received materials from Andrii Derkach, and those materials would

not be classified and they would not be prohibited from disclosure. But, at a

minimum, I also understand that majority staff has requested of the minority that

they be shared with majority staff so that we might evaluate them independently.

And so my question, Mr. Chairman, is of the ranking member, whether he is

prepared to disclose to the committee whether he has received materials that have

been called into question in the public reports from Andrii Derkach and, if so,

whether he is prepared to share them with the rest of the committee.

THE CHAIRMAN: Does the ranking member wish to respond?


MR. MALONEY: Well, so, Mr. Chairman, for the record, I guess I would

request an explanation from the ranking member why he is just not prepared to

respond to a simple question whether he has received materials that have been

called into question that seem designed to denigrate a former Vice President of

the United States, but, at a minimum, to share them with the rest of the committee.

I mean, as I understand it, committee staff is in possession of evidence that

a package was received. None of this is classified.

So is the ranking member prepared to even respond to the question? How

about it, Mr. Nunes? Did you receive a package from Andrii Derkach or not?

And would you share with the committee or not?

Well, I guess this is a case where silence speaks volumes.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

THE CHAIRMAN: I thank the gentleman.

No further business before the committee. The committee is adjourned.

[Whereupon, at 11:27 a.m., the committee was adjourned.]"

The face of someone who doesn't want to answer simple questions for reasons he won't explain.


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Photo from Drew Angerer / Getty Images.

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