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Our kombucha is made from a custom blend of green and white tea.


The six pack features 16-ounce bottles that should be returned.


If you are a first-time customer, a $24 deposit for six 16-ounce returnable bottles will be applied.





Kombucha, 6 pack (Single purchase)

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  • Ingredients: Fermented white tea made from water, sugar, ginger pulp, ginger juice, lemon juice, and ascorbic acid.

    Six pint-sized (16 ounce) glass bottles with a swing cap. For best results, keep bottles refrigerated and pour over ice. 

    Kombucha is bioactive, and is assumed to be actively fermenting, which creates carbonation and pressure. Contents are (or will soon be) carbonated, and pressure can build quickly at room temperature or in a warm sunny window, car in a parking lot, and other situations.

    Open bottles away from faces and never open kombucha near  electronics.

    For best results and for safety, kombucha bottles are best stored in a refrigerator and away from heat sources, such as stoves, radiators, hot cars and sunny windowsills. If stored at room temperature, we strongly advise burping the bottles at least once daily to prevent CO2 pressure from building. If bottles become to pressurized, liquid contents may gush out with liquid.

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