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Support Ukraine

If you have the means, and the spirit moves you, please consider making a donation to Mriya Aid. They are one of many organizations who provide critical aid to Ukrainians, and we support them because they are also involved with producing the Mriya Report, a 24/7 online discussion forum that uses Twitter Space to inform us about what is happening on the ground, on the battle front, in Ukrainian cities, and around the world with allies of Ukraine. Note: MassGlobalMegaCorp is not affiliated in any way with Mriya Aid organization, members, or website. 


Support Ukrainian Businesses and Artisans

The following list is not a comprehensive list of Ukrainian businesses. If you would like your Ukrainian business listed here, send an email to

Black Ficus

Black Ficus designs and produces unique linen clothing somewhere "in the area between minimalism and extravagance." 


A family business who manufacture awesome, sturdy, and fashion-forward sunglasses. 


Extremely talented Kyiv-based calligraphers, illustrators, and graphic designers - and teachers - who create visual art in a broad spectrum of formats, from street art, book covers, logos, greeting cards, and more. 

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