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Dolphin Fingers releases video for "A New Kind of Fruit Bat"

Dalia Badoosh

Originally, the song "A New Kind of Fruit Bat" was a segment of a lighthearted morning message from MassGlobalMegaCorp's co-ultimate supreme commander, Dr. Aldous Benson, to his only client, Kevin.

But then, as things often do with MassGlobalMegaCorp, the song evolved into something that evoked other dimensions of thoughts and feelings.

So, with its unlimited resources and ability to stall the momentum of time, MassGlobalMegaCorp, in partnership with its corporate musical supergroup Dolphin Fingers, transformed the song into its first emotionally intelligent video

...that carries a message of timeless love and profound, pulsing sensitivity.

"We wanted to show children that fathers can be complicated and imperfect beings," explained a voice that resembled Dr. Aldous Benson's emittted from a speaker box on a desk on a very large table with only two chairs. "And that in that complication there can be layers of feelings that transcend our typical everyday feelings such as we have toward common objects...feelings that are not able to be easily explained using words alone. They can only be explained through metaphors..."

And the perfect metaphor for these feelings?

"Obviously...the fruit and will always be the perfect metaphor for feelings that cannot be otherwise explained away by fathers for their children," said the voice of Dr. Benson through some kind of speaker device.

Experience the video "A New Kind of Fruit Bat"

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