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Highly Competitive Shopper Will Race You to the Rutabegas

Jocelyn Butterhammer

You might think that Chandra Deloitte is a normal supermarket shopper, but you would be wrong. And she would bet you $5 that you are wrong, and you would probably lose.

Deloitte refers to herself as a supercompetitor, which is someone who competes all the time. who thinks that Americans are losing a sense of competition.

"Everybody wants to win, but nobody wants to elbow people out of the way." - Chandra Deloitte

"I am willing to go the extra mile to win...against anybody and anywhere...and that is what makes me more American than you." She then pushes you out of the way and proceeds to argue with a child who appears to be about eight or nine years old; she was in the process of trying to reach a can of spaghetti sauce on a top shelf.

"I'll grab it first!" she says, and takes the jar out of the child's reach and places it smugly -- with a satisfied smirk -- in her own cart. The child looks confused.

"I win again!" she chimes, as she speeds away down the baking aisle saying something about how kids these days are soft.

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